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Shuttle Tracker

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Track your 128 Business Council Shuttle right now with our real-time GPS tracking. 128 Business Council GPS



Visit the App Store (for Apple) or Google Play Store (for Android) from your mobile device and search for “Ride Systems.” Download the free app and when prompted, select “128 Business Council” as your preferred agency. Using the mobile app, shuttle riders can view:

Active Routes
Shuttle Alerts
Shuttle Schedules
Location of User
Estimated Arrival Times
Live Map
128 Business Council Twitter Feed

For more information, please visit the RideSystems Mobile Application Guide.

How does it work?
The system uses GPS to track the location of buses. Buses send updates about their location to a central system, which then transmits this data for display at bus stops and other off street locations. Thus a passenger can see, in near real time, the progress of buses approaching their required stop.

How often is the information updated?
The information is updated in near real time, providing riders with reliable information regarding arrivals and departures.

Are real time predictions accurate?
Estimates are made by incorporating real time data with actual times collected from past trips to create a reliable prediction. Our bus tracking system is designed to work off of averages. The system is designed to take into consideration the time of day, weather, and recent data to provide the most accurate arrival time. Please understand that arrival time may vary and may not be 100% accurate.

What are the benefits of the system?
Improved information for the public and the bus operator. Passengers can view information from home, at work, or via the mobile app. Bus operators can view in real time the location of buses and actively manage the operations to minimize the impact of any emerging problems. The data gathered from the buses can be used to improve the reliability and punctuality of buses.

Where should I send feedback or complaints about the system?
Email your feedback about 128 Business Council shuttle tracking to Please do not call with questions or comments regarding GPS. Our phone system cannot handle the volume.

Which browser does the 128 Business Council shuttle tracker work in?
Our map is designed to work in all browsers. That being said, if you are using a version of Internet Explorer less than 7 it may be a good idea to update your browser to a newer version.

Why can’t I view my route on the map?
If you cannot see your route on the map, make sure you select “Show All Routes” in the Current Routes menu located on the left side of the page.

If you selected “Show All Routes” and you still cannot see your route, it is likely that the shuttle you selected is not currently in service. Occasionally it is necessary to use replacement vehicles that are not equipped with GPS and will not show up on the map. See our shuttle schedule page for schedule information.

Where can I access 128 Business Council shuttle real-time updates?
Via the web at or via the Ride Systems Mobile App.