Member Services

Member Services

Our Member and Community Services

128 Business Council operates commuter shuttles along the Route 128 West Corridor and provide nearly 200,000 rides annually. This service helps reduce the use of single-occupancy vehicles and improves the flow of traffic and overall air quality.

128 Business Council offers the following commuter programs and benefits:

  • 128 Business Council shuttle service access
  • Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program
  • Commuter incentive programs
  • Individual transportation and route planning assistance
  • NuRide ridematching program
  • Carpool/vanpool matching
  • Bike-to-work/walk-to-work information and supportive resources
  • Exclusive discounts on bike repairs from MyBike
  • Exclusive membership discount for Sustainable Business Leaders Green certification program
  • Quarterly member newsletter
  • Online shuttle pass purchasing
  • Roadway improvement project updates

In addition to our general commuter benefits, we also offer:

  • DEP Rideshare Regulation Compliance Consulting
  • Commuter Surveys
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Transportation Advocacy Programs
  • Transportation Planning Consultation

As a complement to our shuttle services we advocate community awareness of sustainable alternatives, green building certification (LEED) and pro-environment practices to further enhance the health and vitality of our region and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We are actively involved with outreach and hold many educational events at member sites. These events serve as a platform to promote the services we offer, as well as to educate and engage our community. Being stewards of sustainable practices is job one for 128 Business Council, so we can live, work and play in a healthy region we all enjoy.
Our goal is to help those traveling in and through the Route 128 West Corridor—whether for business or for pleasure—have a positive experience and get where they’re going as fast and hassle-free as possible.
Our philosophy is rooted in a comprehensive approach to transportation alternatives, green building (LEED) and other environment-friendly practices. That, and your participation, is the key to creating a more sustainable, healthier and economically vital region. We are constantly seeking new and better ways to not only move people about the area, but to increase recycling, make buildings more energy efficient, and generate a higher sustainability awareness among everyone who lives and works in the area.