Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home

Program Overview

128 Business Council’s Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) provides commuters that use alternative transportation with a guaranteed free ride home in the event of an emergency.

This important service is brought to you by your employer’s membership in the 128 Business Council.  It encourages the use of alternatives to driving alone by ensuring that if there is an emergency during the work day, you will not be stranded at work.

Has this ever happened to you?

  • You’re at work and: You receive a phone call—a family member becomes sick and you have to leave to care for him/her.
  • You become sick and need to go home early.
  • Your supervisor unexpectedly asks you to work late.
  • Your carpool driver has to leave early…leaving you behind.

All of the above are qualified reasons to use the Emergency Ride Home program. 

ERH transportation is not provided for the following reasons:

  • Personal errands
  • Pre-planned medical appointments
  • Business related travel
  • Working late without a supervisor’s request
  • Early departure or delays due to inclement weather or utility failure
  • An injury sustained on the job that falls under a workers’ compensation claim

Cyclists who pop a tire or sustain damage to their bicycle on the way to work are eligible for use of ERH. See details below to pre-register.

You must be an employee of a 128 Business Council member company. Don’t know if your company is a member? Check our member page or give us a call at 781-890-0093.

You must use alternative commute methods at least two days per week on a regular basis. Alternative methods include: carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or transit—including 128BC shuttles.

You must be pre-registered. Register for the ERH program before you need to use it by completing the Employee Registration form.

Once your registration is submitted, you will receive a welcome packet via email and regular mail. This packet includes important information on use, vendor contact information and a per-use voucher form. Please keep it in a safe place. 

When you need the service, simply:

  • Notify your supervisor of the qualified emergency and obtain supervisor’s signature on the Voucher Form
  • Contact the appropriate service – taxi or Enterprise rental car
  • Complete the voucher form and confirmation report and mail within 10 days to:

128 Business Council
Emergency Ride Home Program
395 Totten Pond Road, Suite 302
Waltham, MA 02451

  • A replacement voucher form will be mailed to you once all documentation for use is submitted.
  • Your “ride” will be a taxi or a rental car depending on the distance away from home/transit center and/or the time of day:

For trips less than 10 miles or after 6PM: Use taxi service. Within 15-30 minutes, the taxi will pick you. No cash should be exchanged—you do not pay for anything, not even the tip.

For trips over 10 miles between 8AM and 6PM: 128 Business Council has an Emergency Ride Home account with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Call the closest branch (direct numbers below) and reference the Emergency Ride Home account number from your welcome packet. Enterprise offers a free pick up service from your office, subject to availability. Rentals are valid for up to 24 hours, you just need to replace the gas used. Additionally vehicles can be returned to any office in New England with no additional fees. You will not need to provide a credit card for Emergency Ride Home rentals.

Location Address Direct Phone
Waltham Enterprise 140 Moody St 781.894.6770
Lexington Enterprise 301 Massachusetts Ave 781.860.0883
Needham Enterprise 27 Wexford St 781.433.7440

Employee may use this service a maximum of two times in any 6 month period.

Only approved transportation providers can be used for this program.

Acceptable Destinations

  • Employee’s home.
  • Public Transportation connection point.
  • Hospital or doctor’s office in the event of a sudden illness.
  • Other appropriate destinations as approved by the employee’s supervisor.

Inappropriate use of the service shall require the employee to reimburse all expenses incurred.

Employee shall have the flexibility to determine if they have a special circumstance and need to decide which service to use (taxi or rental car).

More detailed information is provided in the ERH Welcome Packet upon on-line registration.