What’s Up With Bus Bunching?

Patrick Sullivan | June 23, 2015

Ask any regular bus rider what their biggest pet peeve is, and inevitably the first response you will likely here is bus bunching. Why am I forced to wait for a late bus only to have 2 buses on the same route arrive are the same time? Why aren’t they spaced out better? How hard can it be? What is bus bunching? NewScientist explains: Public transport vehicles – underground trains, for example – set off from the start of their routes equally spaced. The problem starts when one is briefly delayed, making more time for passengers to accumulate at stations further…
The “Google Bus” Debate

Patrick Sullivan | January 24, 2014

By now, most people who have any interest in transportation policy are probably familiar with the debate in San Francisco over private commuter shuttles, or “Google Buses” as they are collectively known. Dozens of tech companies fund private employee shuttles that make over 4,000 stops per day at locations across the Bay Area. Google alone has over 100 buses that shuttle over 4,500 employees to Google’s Mountain View headquarters. The backlash these private shuttles are facing is in part related to the fact that they are often guilty of clogging the SFMTA bus stops they use to pick up and…