Communities Along Route 128 – A Closer Look

Patrick Sullivan | July 11, 2015

128 Business Council regularly examines census and economic data for the communities we serve along the Route 128 Corridor. *  We do it to gauge the economic health of the Corridor and to look for correlations between economic activity and travel patterns. We also just do it because we’re data nerds. *(Woburn, Burlington, Lexington, Waltham, Lincoln, Newton, Needham, Weston, Wellesley)  The communities along the corridor are among the most prosperous in the Commonwealth, both in terms of the residents that call this area home and the corporations clustered in these communities. Most of these communities have the coveted mix of…
The Red Line Extension That Never Was

Patrick Sullivan | January 30, 2015

The Red Line has the highest ridership of any of the MBTA’s rail lines. Stretching North to South from North Cambridge through Downtown Boston and then branching off into Mattapan and Braintree, nearly 273,000 daily unlinked trips are taken on the Red Line’s 21 route miles. The Red Line was the last of the four subway lines to open, with service between Harvard Square and Park Street commencing in 1912. Since 1912 the Red Line has been extended many times, with the most recent expansion coming in 1985 with the opening of the line's northern terminus, Alewife Station. The story of the Red…
“America’s Technology Highway”

Patrick Sullivan | April 17, 2014

Route 128, the circumferential highway that rings the Greater Boston area, is known by many as “America’s Technology Highway.” Driving along the highway and observing the names of the corporations that line the corridor today, it’s clear how many major high-tech and biotech companies have a major presence along the highway. But how did Route 128 originally acquire this coveted designation? Because before Silicon Valley and before Kendall Square became the hubs of innovation that they are today, the Route 128 corridor was the center of technological innovation in America. To meet demand for better access to the growing suburbs…