Alewife Shuttle Vox on Two

Effective Date: 07-02-2015

Vehicle Number
Vehicle Number 145 145 145 145
Depart Vox on Two
Depart Vox on Two 6:50 7:55 8:50 9:40
Arrive Alewife Station
Arrive Alewife Station 6:55 8:00 8:55 9:45
Vehicle Number
Vehicle Number 145 144
Depart Alewife Station
Depart Alewife Station 4:30 7:30
Arrive Vox on Two
Arrive Vox on Two 4:45 7:45
  • Shuttle is open to Vox on Two residents only.
  • No fare for Vox on Two residents with Red ID.
  • Vox on Two Shuttle IDs can be obtained at the Vox on Two Management Office. (617-441-8700).
  • A Vox on Two Shuttle ID card must be shown to the driver upon each boarding.
The Vox on Two Shuttle is a professional commuter service. Foul language and/or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in permanent loss of shuttle privileges.   All arrival times are approximate. Please arrive at stop at least 5 minutes before listed time. Shuttle will not wait for late riders.